Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024
The 22 nd of june the Lt General De Courrège delivered the diploma to the 68 auditors of the 30th SERA Class.
This year the course took place for two weeks in France,  one week in Spain and one week in Norway.
The general theme :
Europe first? How to strengthen the European Armaments,Security and Defence Co-operation? Que sera?
6 committees worked separately on different aspects of the problem. The restitutions of each committee work  trigger many questions of the auditors. The work done and the presentation demonstrate the involvement of the auditors.
Friday started with a speech of Florence Parly, French Ministry of Armies explaining clearly the necessity of a stronger cooperation of Europe of Defence leading to mutual dependance in certain domains. She answered very openly to all the questions raised by the assembly.
ASERA welcomed the graduated of the 30th SERA who decided to become ASERA alumni.
Next stage  is the 30th year anniversary of our Association .
As already mentioned this year we shall meet in Paris the 4th and 5th fo October to celebrate the 30 th year of ASERA
More information to come.


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