EURONAVAL October 20th 2.30 PM

Conference  organized by GICAN dedicated to ASERA

I am happy to inform you that GICAN (The French Maritime Industry Association) will organize a conference and a visit of EURONAVAL dedicated to ASERA alumni October 20th 2022 at 14h30

Save the date October 25th & 26th

This year we have the pleasure to be welcomed by  German Mod who proposed that our ASERA 2022 annual event  will be coorganized with Eurostamp for one day  in Berlin.

I want to thank the German MoD for its strong support.

The program is the following:

The 2020 Yearbook of European Security is now available

The 2020 Yearbook of European Security provides an overview of events in 2019 that were significant for European security and it charts major developments in the EU’s external action and security and defence policy. The 2020 Yearbook of European Security contains region- and issue-specific sections, content-centric timelines, key EU document sources, information boxes and an…

2020 ASERA Annual Event

Dear ASERA Alumni   I am pleased to send you details related to the 2020 ASERA annual event which will take place Tuesday November the 17th As you know already, due to the COVID crisis our event will be virtual  The Seminar 2020 will be a webinar (see agenda enclosed) starting at 14h30 followed by our…

Food for Thought

An article published in the French economical journal La Tribune, written by EuroDefense France. Written on behalf of EuroDéfense-France by Patrick Bellouard, Nathalie de Kaniv, Maurice de Langlois, Patrick de Rousiers, Jacques Favin- Levêque, Patrice Mompeyssin, Jean-Paul Palomeros, Jean-Paul Perruche, Philippe Roger, Cyrille Schott.Article published in the French economical newspaper “La Tribune”, on 9th May…

Message of the President

Dear Alumni  Europe  is the very first to suffer as such  of the sanitary crisis.  Activities are slowed down or momentarily stopped. No doubt, we shall overcome the crisis, but our EDTIB will suffer and the pandemic will leave scars. Resilience is more than ever essential, especially for the small companies. As such, the ASERA alumni Association…